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søndag den 20. februar 2011

Interview with Fashion goddess MAndy also known by Poohg_1993

1) You have been a user on stardoll since 2006, has the fashion changed a lot?
▸ Oh yes, very much. I'd say nowadays, the style has gotten more classy and very high fashion-like. In 2006, we didn't have real brands. All we had were the generic Stardoll brands, like Fudge and Pretty in Pink.

2) Do you feel different, because you don’t follow the traditional pink look on stardoll?
▸ Not really. I think there's a lot of people who don't go with the traditional pink look. For myself, i just wear what i feel like wearing and change my medoll's makeup and hair to whatever i feel like wearing. I'm most known for changing my entire look many times a day, so that should tell you i'm very indecisive on what i want to look like at the moment, haha.

3) What do you think about that you are the legendary fashionable girl that almost everyone knows on stardoll?
▸ Wow, that's quite an honor for you and others to see me in that light. Honestly, to me... it doesn't seem like that. If i am that popular on Stardoll, i don't notice it. I know a lot of people think i'm a mean and big-headed selfish girl, but please don't think that because i'm not like that at all. I'm flattered! Your question makes me feel like a role model for young girls, so i will try and set the best example i can.

4) Do you have a style icon? And who.
▸ I have many, two of my favorites are Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. I'm no old lady, but i do appreciate the classics in life.

5) What do you think is the new Fashion trend?
▸ It's hard to say. I don't typically pay attention to trends. Like i said, i just do what i want fashion-wise haha.

6) What would you never go out of a door without?
▸ My purse. To me, a purse is one of the most fashionable accessories that are also useful.

7) What is your favorite make-up brand? And do you have a beauty tip?
▸ My favorite makeup brand is Covergirl, they have really good items to use. A beauty tip? To avoid wrinkles, sleep on your back.

8) What perfume do you use at the moment?
▸ I really like Ed Hardy perfumes at the moment, they have such an addicting scent!

9) Who is your favorite designer?
▸ May he rest in peace, Alexander McQueen. He had the dark-yet-fashionable touch to all of his clothing. For some reason, when i saw models wearing his dresses, i thought of Tim Burton with his films.

10) Do you follow the fashion trends?
▸ Not usually. I just wear what i like.

11) What is your favorite accessory?
▸ Purses, rings and necklaces. Can't go wrong with those!

12) Do you think models are too skinny??
▸ Oh of course. I don't see how showing off some new trends looks better on a skinny model. Most of America's women (and the world's women) don't look like the models. In fact, some of the models look sick. Makes me feel sorry for them that they feel they have to be bone-skinny to look good. Girls, if you think skinny is perfect, think again.

13) In Denmark there have been a lot of talk, because there have been some models in the Danish fashion week that were 13 years old! Some of the girls didn’t even get paid for walking on the runway. What do you think about that?
▸ That's sad. Girls at age 13 are very impressionable. Like i said in the previous question... skinny is not perfect. Girls who are vulnerable and insecure would think the wrong things are perfect.

14) How old do you think the age limit should be?
▸ I think 18 is just fine, i just don't see why people would allow 13 year olds to officially take part in modeling like that. The real modeling world is a cruel one. 13 year olds are just kids, no matter what you think.

15) What do you think about my new blog Fashion-Invaders?
▸ It's very nice. I've stopped by to see it a few times. I can't wait to see what comes of it! I wish you all the success with it!

16) Last question, who do you think is the hottest male celebrity?
▸ I've always loved James Franco, so i'm going to go with him! Close contest with Leonardo DiCaprio though ;)

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