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søndag den 27. februar 2011


okay this video show how insane i was!

Teaser Version.

this video is a teaser version! i actually think that skream is very hot! :)
i will upload the next video about some minutes!:)


I am going to upload some videos from the concert now at the same time where i am eating my dinner!


me beforee the concert.

this photo is of me, when we are driving into to store vega in Copenhagen centrum. the party/concert, it was so good! but i got pushed so much and there was drugs every where peaople took pills and veed...
but the party was so amazing!!:D

fredag den 25. februar 2011


I am going to those 2 guys concert tonight! it is going to be so masiiive!=)
i have waitet weeks for this and i am so exsited!:D
i <3 Dubstep

tirsdag den 22. februar 2011

I can´t live without it!!!!!

I am currently in love..
this shirt is so unique and preatty at the same time!!
I have to get it!
you can buy it on
! (and it is Danish design)

my rabbit shiloh has a great sense of shoes :P

I think my rabbit Shiloh actually like my Lanvin shoes :P