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torsdag den 17. februar 2011

be a blogger on Fahion-Invaders! :)

if you've read my presentation, you will know that I am looking for bloggers to my new blog Fashion Invaders!
 there are some requirements that you'll have to take into account.
 you must have OVER 2500sd (just so I know you're going to have intention to stay here in sd. It is only just because of the reason:])
 you should write a little about your style, ie. I am very much in black, in a feminine way. my favorite brand is chanel and WoodWood. you'll have to be superstar or royality (just for extended periods it does not matter if you takes a break as non-ss sometimes in between:])
 I chose some of you guys that I want to learn better to know before we get started with the blog, and the couple I choose have to find  2 sets of clothes (at internet or take a pickture at home) either party clothes or everyday clothes and send photos to me either as tinypic or my Stardoll Mai*l . you must also make an outfit for your stardoll.
Malou__ =)

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  1. and it have to be one there can write in english ofcourse :P